Astronaut’s club

The Astronaut’s Club is a support group for parents and children with neurodevelopmental disorders. A place where parents can confide without fear, share their experiences, give each other advice and help. The creation of a safe place for children to meet not only their peers but also new things without judgement, fear or assessment.

Astronaut’s Club Goals:

  • bringing professionals, families and the public together
  • sharing and supporting families and children
  • a safe environment not only for children but also for parents
  • information for parents – contacts to counselling centres, professionals
  • solutions to current child guidance issues
  • belonging, fun, relaxation
  • social events for this group
  • outings, weekend trips, creative activities

The Astronaut’s Club provides integration of children with neuro-developmental disorders among normal children by accepting them as they are. The Astronaut’s Club is a place where nothing has to happen, but can.

The club meets as needed by members approximately twice a month. In the safe space of Motyčkovic klika with the coordination and guidance of a coach, mentor and specialist. There are also interesting discussions, education or financial and legal counseling, depending on the needs of the clients.

In the club, according to the agreement between the parents and the group leader, there will also be gradual further education of parents of children with PAS in order to improve the social inclusion of children, in order to improve the psychomotor development of children, etc. The club cooperates with other support groups and experts, e.g. LIRA Centre, z.ú., Velký vůz – sever, z.ú., Special Pedagogic Center Liberec, Educational and Psychological Counselling Center Liberec, etc.

Within the club, parents of children with PAS will be provided with short-term babysitting after an agreement.

The club activities include:

  • creative activities
  • crisis intervention
  • identification of needs
  • counselling
  • individual work with the possibility of “babysitting” for children
  • inclusive creative workshops
  • sharing experiences
  • trips for parents with children
  • tips and suggestions from FB

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, special educator, or anyone else and want to share your experiences or insights with us, or be inspired and listen to the experiences of others, visit us!

Help us create a functional group of people interested in this topic.