Preventive programmes

Thanks to the “Be Together” project and the support of the Norway Grants, we are able to implement various activities for schools and kindergartens or other collectives focusing on mental health prevention.

The programmes are directly addressed to children’s collectives (kindergarten, primary and secondary school classes), and we also offer a visit to Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Room, a sensory room for all children and adults who like to explore and want to spend some time with themselves in an unusual space full of colours, lights and smells. We also prepare methodical programmes to be used directly in schools and kindergartens without our direct participation, in connection with books or theatre performances.

Programme – realization in Motyčkovic klika

Each programme is led by two experienced tutors who use creative drama methods to involve children in the stories. In the play, children can empathise with the feelings of others and safely observe themselves, questioning and evaluating what they feel or what a story brings up for them. The children are an active part of each story, and for the teacher this form has great benefits in the possibility of observing “their” children in situations that cannot be simulated in the everyday life of the classroom.

A necessary part of each programme is the reflection on what the children have experienced, what they have observed in themselves or in others, what has changed for them or what has occurred to them.