About the project

Project of Motyčkovic klika z.s., Velký vůz Sever z.ú. and Norwegian partner Pedverket Kompetanse brings improvement of social rehabilitation support methods for children with autism spectrum disorders and other mentally ill children as well as their families.

It also brings the introduction of new support activities in the prevention of mental health of children and adolescents in the Liberec Region. The project will contribute to reducing the risk of occurrence, escalation and chronification of mental health problems in this target population.

The project also aims to train educators, informal caregivers and non-medical staff who work with children in schools and other settings.

Project objectives:

  1. To create a sensory room, the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Room in which more than 120 programmes will take place over a period of 2 years for kindergartens, primary schools and special schools, as well as for the public.
  2. Creation of a prevention program and educational materials for the prevention program.
  3. Implementation of weekend events for the development and training of psychosocial skills for children with neurodevelopmental disorders.
  4. Supporting the newly established support group and parent-child club for children with PAS “Astronaut’s Club”.
  5. Education and training of at least 40 teachers, informal carers, assistants and other non-medical staff through seminars, lectures and conferences to pass on good practice in the Grunnlaget method.
  6. The implementation of preventive therapeutic consultation and preventive counselling, following up on preventive programmes.
  7. Promotion and destigmatisation of the topic to the general public. Implementation of the ‘My place in the sun’ campaign.
  8. Opening conference, press conference, press releases and general media coverage of the topic.
  9. International sharing of experiences.
  10. Training of professionals in the Liberec Region.

The basic problem to which the project responds is the undersized to almost nonexistent availability of mental health prevention and care services. Furthermore, the lack of interconnectivity of prevention services for mental health services for primary and nursery schools, i.e. in this case necessary subjects of cooperation (stakeholders).