Programmes “My place in the sun”

Why mental health prevention? The world today bring us far more “otherness” than we would like. Obviously, we need to think about what values are important, who the people are, what surrounds us and what makes us happy, so that life doesn’t slip through our fingers and get sucked into the sands of mundanity and routine …

“My place in the sun” programme series

These programmes were prepared within the framework of the project “Be Together” – which, in addition to integrating children with neurodevelopmental disorders among ordinary children in leisure time, also focuses on mental health.

The cycle is divided according to the age of the children, from kindergarten, through primary school to high school. Because we know that children, pupils and students often withdraw into themselves in these difficult times, they are more aware of their feelings and needs, but quite often they cannot name and identify them. Their emotions are expanding and controlling them, and they are often unable to separate sadness and fear, joy and care, anger or pain. Which is difficult in ordinary situations, let alone when new circumstances come up.

The program is divided into three thematic blocks that build on each other.

Block I – “I AND ME”

Block II – “ME AND YOU”


programme suitable for kindergarten, primary and secondary school pupils or students – focused on feelings and emotions … implementation from 28 March 2022

programme suitable for primary and secondary school pupils or students – focusing on relationships and communication. implementation from 1 September 2022

programme suitable for primary and secondary school pupils or students – focusing on values and attitudes. implementation from 1 September 2022

Block I “Me and I” – designed for children from kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools, showing them what feelings and emotions we have, and that it is absolutely right that we all have our own, and that each of us perceives things differently. For some, loneliness is an escape, for others it is a prison. For some, fear is inspiring, for others it is binding.

During the program, children can observe in a safe environment how they have it with themselves, what makes them happy or, on the contrary, what makes them sad. Different emotions and different experiences are okay. It’s still me. In this program, children can become aware of their own uniqueness and clarify their own experiencing.

Block II “Me and You”– is for primary and secondary school children and adds to feelings and emotions the relationships and communication that we cannot do without in life. Using the methods of creative dramatics, participants become actors in a story that each collective brings with them.

During the program, participants can thus see how communication works, which forms of communication we use and how it works in relation to the environment. Communication is a skill that can be improved, how to do it?

III. Block “Me and us” – is designed mainly for older primary school pupils and secondary school students II. It builds on the previous two blocks by making students aware of their own values and attitudes. Not only towards other people and situations, but especially towards their own life.

During the programme, which is led by experienced lecturers, participants can search within themselves to sort out their values and attitudes, which they will see right in front of them using the methods of creative dramatics.

Programmes for schools are implemented within the framework of the project “Be Together” The project is funded by the EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 Health Programme of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

The aim of the personal and social education programme is self-knowledge and self-awareness. Learning about methods of reflection, relaxation and rest and finding balance within oneself.